Aptoide Latest Version APK Free Download

This is Aptoide, the third biggest marketplace on Android.

Over 800,000 applications to download from over 250,000 dedicated application publishers and users, and over 6 billion app downloads.

pretty impressive stats.

Not only that but you can use Aptoide for free no sign in is required.

You can download some of your favorite games and applications just like in the Google Play Store.

To use Aptoide it’s an easy process, just go to then tap on the download button.

Make sure unknown sources is enabled within the settings of your device, it should be under security and just install the Aptoide APK you’ve downloaded recently.

Once you open the application a short tutorial on how to use it will pop up.

When you pass those slides you will appear on the home page with the featured applications, display as banners, applications that are sponsored, categories of specific applications, or games you’re looking for, app reviews by the Aptoide developers, and some Aptoide publishers you can check out.

Trusted Application

So let’s say you tap on an application to find out further details, at the top you will be able to see the app version, maybe a green checkmark to let you know it’s a trusted application.

Not all the applications on Aptoide have this by the way so I would definitely recommend trying to download apps with this trusted checkmark.

And of course, you have the install button on the right side.

Download the latest version of Aptoide


How to install?

2 Steps to Install Aptoide

  • Enable “Unknown Sources”

Go to settings, security and then enable unknown sources

  • Install Aptoide

Open the Aptoide.apk you just downloaded and install it

Applications details

Now before you download the application and waste your time maybe you want to find more information on the application, which is not a problem because you have a video of the application itself, you can have a couple screenshots as well.

More towards the bottom you have a few stats, such as the number of downloads, the size of the application, who the publisher is, and the ratings.

If you still don’t have a basic idea of what this application will do, you can read a brief description of the application itself.

Suggested applications reviews

Towards the bottom, you can also view suggested applications and the publisher’s contact information, or website.

If you want to view what other people think about the application itself, there’s a tab called comments, and you can check out the comments that people have put there.

You also have related applications, multi versions of the same application for recent updates.

And lastly, you have some advanced specification and permissions for those technical users.

It’s very similar to the Google Play Store, so you probably won’t have any issues navigating around this marketplace.

Applications downloading

So once you click install it should be pretty fast depending on your internet connection, and automatically your download manager will pop up to install the app on your phone.

That’s basically how you download apps using Aptoide.

Rooted devices

Do you have a rooted device? you can also have a feature to automatically download the application without even going through the process of hitting install.

The home screen of Aptoide

If we go back to the home screen we can check out the other tabs, most of them are pretty self-explanatory, for example, you have one that’s called the top, basically, you have the top apps or the top stores there.


If you scroll to the right you have stores, you have subscribed to, just to let you know the stores are basically all the applications a user has uploaded to Aptoide.

Some stores upload thousands of applications, while others upload less than 100, but all those stores will help you to try to find the application you’re looking for.

If you scroll to the right again you will see the updates tab, basically, it’s updated for the applications on your device currently.

Social timeline

Then there’s something that the Google Play Store doesn’t have, and that is a social timeline.

So what you can do here, you log in to your Facebook account, and then you have a timeline of previous applications you have installed on your device.

Don’t worry logging in will not have the application post on your Facebook page, it will just give you some insight on what apps your friends have downloaded if they also use Aptoide.

To be completely honest I don’t really use this tab too much but it still need to have and towards the end, you can view your downloads and track which apps you have downloaded in the past.

Search option

One of the most useful options for finding a specific application is the search option.

You can find a specific application automatically and if it’s not within the application itself, you will have the option of tapping on search other stores, and it will open up your third-party browser such as Chrome, and then it will have you look up the application on their website.

So you can download the application from there, and it will just add the store that it got the application from on to the aptitude application for future use.

So that’s the basics of aptoide and how to navigate.

Aptoide account

If you do decide to interact with it more often I recommend making an account, so as to not lose all of your stores you’ve decided to add and the apps you have downloaded, if you decide to switch to another device or format your internal storage.

But I just want to make this clear that doesn’t mean you need to make an account to download an application on aptoide it’s just for backup purposes.

Final words

I’ve always found this to be a great alternative to the Google Play Store, they always try to update it with new features and content such as the app reviews.

There’s also a feature called scheduled downloads, to download your applications later on or download them all at once.

So definitely give it a try and share with your friends.

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